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Author testimonial—Gary Winters

Keeps writer’s voice intact

Jan has edited two or three of my books, and there’s another in the queue as I write this. I think she’s a terrific editor—for three reasons. First (and foremost) she’s able to edit my work without losing my voice. Having worked with other editors in the past, it’s wonderful to read my work after it’s passed through Jan’s lens and hear me, just the way I intended to be, come through—more cleanly, more clearly.

Second, her attention to detail is second to none. I recall a spirited discussion with her a few years ago on, of all things, bullet point consistency. She caught inconsistencies I swore were just not there – but she found them, and they were fixed.

Third, Jan isn’t just a technician. She “gets” me and is able to polish what I’ve written and take it to a new level. (She’d probably ding me for that cliché, but hey—it’s true!)  I value the interpersonal side of our professional relationship even more than the technical side. She’s simply a joy to work with. (Sorry, Jan—I know I’m not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.)

Finding the right editor is critical to take your manuscript from “pretty good” to one you can be proud to release to an unforgiving public. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jan to anyone without caveats or exceptions. She’s that good.

Gary Winters, coach, facilitator, author 

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