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Proofreading services

Proof it—before you hit “send”… before you publish your new web page … before you publish your book!

One set of eyes is not enough. Using your Spell Checker isn’t enough. It won’t catch homonyms, repetition, or misspelled proper names—and it often flags items that are correct.

Even professional editors and proofreaders need other proofreaders to check their work.

Contact me if you need professional, experienced help proofreading:

  • Fiction: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror & more
  • Product catalogs
  • Product labels
  • Medical brochures, reports, monographs, web copy
  • Corporate correspondence, internal newsletters, company signage
  • Advertising copy, signs, websites
  • Marketing emails, brochures, flyers, postcards
  • Training catalogs, class descriptions, instructors’ bios
  • Video scripts
  • Website copy and headlines

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