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Critical Leadership Skills for Customer Service

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

A top-performing customer service team is a key part of a successful organization. And a great customer service leader recognizes the value of her team, encourages them to share honestly without fear of repercussion, and offers the support and training they need to continually meet customers’ needs.

Customer service requires empathy and the ability to listen. If a woman is “naturally” more empathetic, that may help her in this role, but she’ll still need to learn active listening skills and the ability to resolve problems. READ MORE.

Embracing the Innovator Within: Tips for Businesswomen

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Women sometimes hesitate to be innovative, but as leaders or aspiring ones, it’s important to develop this skill to add value to your organization. With the right training and support, you can overcome your fear, embrace your creative side, and learn how to be an innovator.

“Men and women can be equally innovative, although they tend to have different styles,” says Erin Cox, an AMA facilitator and the owner of EnterTRAINing International. READ MORE.

What Happens When You Accept and Use Your Power?

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Women who attended AMA’s Women’s Leadership Workshop, held in January in Dallas, brainstormed on new ways of owning and exhibiting their power as they worked on improving their executive presence. “Women often feel they are not being acknowledged for the work they do,” says Tammy Swed, Learning Solutions Manager at AMA. “How do we speak up and communicate our achievements with confidence?” READ MORE.