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What Kind of Editing Do You Need?

Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading?

By Jan Arzooman, Arzooman Editorial Services

A new author may ask about the difference between copyediting and proofreading. Their confusion increases when their online research reveals additional terminology. Line editing? Developmental editing? Substantive editing? 

I’ll help you to understand it a little easier: 1) a few of these types of editing are almost interchangeable, and 2) which one you need depends on where you are in the process. READ MORE.

How Companies and Women Can Confront the #MeToo Backlash

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

The backlash to the #MeToo movement has occurred swiftly and may be worse than anticipated, say two experts on the subject who spoke with the Women’s Leadership Center. “…there was no indication that men in power would stop harassing or abusing women,” says Leanne Atwater, a management professor at the University of Houston. READ MORE.

How to Get the Whole Company on Board with Your Women’s Leadership Initiative

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

If you don’t have a women’s leadership development initiative in place, chances are your company could benefit from one, experts from the AMA Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) believe. It’s not always easy getting important programs like this off the ground, though. Having some key players on board is essential. READ MORE.

Expressing Anger at Work Without Losing Control

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Expressing anger or frustration at work can be tricky, especially when there are gender stereotypes about what kinds of emotions you’re “allowed” to express as a man or woman. Judy Braun, principal of Braun Leadership Consulting … often works with women on being more confident at work and allowing themselves to show emotion a little more, or show it differently. “Anger is a natural emotion and people are right to feel it and express it. It just needs to be done in a constructive way,” Braun says. READ MORE.

How Women Benefit from Being Proactive in Business

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Not everyone is proactive at work, but those who practice this skill can have more success with their goals, says HR expert Nancy Varsos….“I am very passionate about this habit because I feel that it has gotten me to where I am today,” she says. “Being proactive is [being] resilient, looking for solutions instead of problems, knowing you can conquer almost anything.” READ MORE.

Smart and Strategic Ways for Women to Embrace Risk-Taking

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

Women are more resilient than they may think. It’s just that they don’t always realize that the skills they’ve used in their personal life to get through hard times can also be used in the business world, says Jennifer Webb, an American Management Association instructor who teaches a new AMA course, Women Leading with Impact: Resilience and Strategic Risk-Taking. READ MORE.

How Women Can Find Their Leadership Voice—and What It Means for Their Careers

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

For businesswomen, finding your “leadership voice” is part of becoming a leader, and it may have a big impact on your future success. Developing this skill may not be easy, however, says an expert in women’s leadership training. It involves getting past any fear you’re holding onto, and it means getting comfortable with expressing who you are, says Angela Kegler, PhD. READ MORE.

Project Management: A Smart Career Move—Q&A with Sherolyn Sellers

By Jan Arzooman for AMA Women’s Leadership Center

The field of project management is undergoing enormous growth. “By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles,” a Project Management Institute report states. To learn more, AMA’s Women’s Leadership Center recently spoke with project management expert Sherolyn Sellers…(who) talked about the skills needed for project management and why women may do well in this field. READ MORE.