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Service Description Rate
Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation; consistency; proper capitalization and word usage; repetition and clichés; fact checking; offering suggestions to help clarify meaning.  
Starts at $3.00/page.
If book has been read thoroughly and content is not technical, scientific or medical, base rate applies.
If book needs more work, higher fee applies. Some jobs may require substantive editing (see below). Rush jobs extra.
Developmental or substantive editing
All of the above plus advice on plot, characters, point of view, dialogue, scene structure, organization, and tone.
Starts at $3.50/page, based on content and scope of project. Rush jobs extra.
Ensure all copy is clean, look for correct spacing, make sure all titles, subheads, page numbers, etc., are correct and consistent. 
Starts at $3.00/page, based on content and scope of project. Rush jobs extra.
Website content review/edit
Edit all text, make sure all links are correct, check photos, more.
$50/hour or negotiated flat fee.
Website maintenance
Will add new material to website or change appearance as needed.
$50/hour or negotiated rate per project.
Website creation
Will create a website for your content.
$300 (basic site; you provide all art and edited content) and up depending on scope of project. Copywriting or proofreading are billed as separate projects.
Social media marketing
Tweeting, updating FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social media accounts, more.
$50/hour or negotiated rate per project.
Writing projects
Example: Blogging, news releases, feature articles, ghostwriting
$100 minimum for blogs; rates will vary by length of blog and subject matter.

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