Perfecting your book

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Polish it

As a lifelong reader, as well as a professional editor and writer, I take pride in working with writers as they finish their work and get it ready to send to an agent or a publisher—or as they prepare to self-publish. With over 20 years in publishing, I will work with you on making your book great. As your editor, I’ll look for:

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • style consistency
  • proper capitalization and word choices
  • misused figures of speech
  • repetition and clichés
  • inconsistencies

Spread the word

As your social media manager, I’ll help you jump start your publicity by using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, GoodReads, or other social media sites that’ll help increase your visibility. If you don’t already have a website, I’ll start one for you, or I’ll help you update and personalize your existing one. I can blog for you or create a newsletter for you to send out to followers on a regular basis.

Click below to find out about the different types of services I offer, and my rates:

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