Before you hit “send”… Before you publish that web page…

Proof it!

Make sure someone other than the writer has read it. In other words, find someone experienced in proofreading.  One set of eyes is not enough, even for the most detailed of writers. Furthermore, sometimes an outsider can catch something that has been overlooked multiple times.

In addition, using your computer’s spell checker isn’t enough (although you might want to start with it). Why? It won’t catch homonyms (words that sound the same but have different meanings), or repeated words or sentences, or proper names that are misspelled. Also, although the grammar checker that comes with it is helpful, it can sometimes flag items that are correct.

That’s where Arzooman Editorial Services comes in. As an experienced proofreader with over 20 years in publishing and marketing, I can help in a variety of fields and subject areas. My services include reading the text as well as the page layout and all of the page elements. Does the caption match the picture? Is the capitalization correct? Do all the elements fit within their boxes? Is the customer service number correct? And so on.

Get help with the following types of professional proofreading:

  • Product labeling
  • Medical brochures, reports, monographs, web copy
  • Corporate correspondence, press releases, C-suite profiles, internal newsletters, company signage
  • Advertising copy, signage, websites
  • Marketing emails, brochures, flyers, postcards
  • Product catalogs
  • Training catalogs, class descriptions, instructors’ bios
  • Video scripts
  • Website copy and headlines

Link checking

When was the last time you scrutinized your web pages and updated all the links? I will take on that tedious task for you so you don’t have to worry about losing a customer to a frustrating experience.

Style sheets for brand consistency

Do you need a style sheet for your business material and web pages, or do you need to update your existing one? I’ll work with you to create a style sheet that conforms to your business and branding needs as well as generally accepted style rules.