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Your book is finished at last—congratulations! Now you need an editor.
As a lifelong reader, as well as a professional editor and writer, I take pride in working with writers as they finish their work and get it ready to send to an agent or a publisher—or as they prepare to self-publish.
Is it important to you to have a mistake-free book? After all that work you put into your “baby,” I’m sure it is! That’s my job—to correct mistakes and smooth out any rough edges before your book goes out to the public. With over 20 years in publishing, I will work with you on making your book great.
As your editor, what I’ll look for includes:
  • spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • style consistency
  • proper capitalization and word choices
  • inappropriate or misused figures of speech
  • repetition and clichés
  • inconsistencies between different sections of the book
After (or even before) publication, my social media marketing services can help you get noticed and gain readers. I can also help you build a website and a blog.
Click here to find out about the different types of editing I offer, and my rates:

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